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Until a month ago I had a hotel on the south coast, and although very busy in summer, winter has its quiet moments. One night we had not booked anyone because it was late and decided to sleep early. We were having a drink at the bar, when a representative came in and asked if they had a room for the night. Jen showed my wife left him to his room and told me it would be good, and he came and sat at the bar and ordered a drink and told us to have one. We started talking and soon was gone midnight and we were still poguide talking and drinking. I could tell by body language and believed him when Jen finally said it was time to go to bed, and he could not remember where his room, Jen got up to show the way. I closed the bar and closed at night and went to our room. When Jen returned, she smiled and said he thought that our guest, John had drunk too much. As we got into bed, he said he had tohis room, had kissed her good night and said it was a pity it was not a sexy woman to spend the night with him. We had a good night, and I told her that if she thought, maybe I should have spent some time with him. Jen had been with a man some others, but not because they had moved to the hotel, but every time we had our sex life was great for weeks. In the morning, John came to breakfast, but it was more like a couple of cups of black coffee and went on to say that back when he was in the area. That night we started talking about him and Jen into thinking he is again excited. About three weeks later we received another quiet night in the cards until you ask him a call if we poguide got a room for the night and yes, you guessed that John returned. Jen told me it was a good spender in the bar had given our best room, and when I was the only person in any way possible asThey also have. I dmit I wondered if it was because the room had a double bed in the same place two poguide single beds, but I would. Before Jen John had a short skirt and a blouse that showed off her figure reveals very well and I made ​​fun of him changed, but she said she had changed for me, though I knew otherwise. Once John arrived, he went to his room and in about 10 minutes he was down on the bar, ordered drinks for the three of us, and so began another binge drinking. Once again, body language told me everything, and I knew that Jen was always on. Shortly before midnight, I told them I was tired and go to bed and said good night. I decided that the baby hearing distance that we had and put one on top of the closet in the room of John before poguide going to bed. Had not called me luck, because I went when I heard them laughing up the stairs. I ran to our room to avoid being seen andthe other on the remote control. When I undressed, I heard the door close and then silence. After a few minutes I heard that John poguide had waited three weeks for another kiss and Jen said that she looked very sexy. Jen poguide then said that she hoped he did not object to call his father, but she had thought of him and know that no one else was able to make tonight the best of poguide it. Within minutes, I could only guess to undress because he said I'm glad you see, there was a woman with stockings and garters, and turn around. Jen has felt his cock because she said she could not say how it would poguide be. At this point my cock was hard and I was with myself and the fact that I could hear what was going poguide on, although he could not see, was still more to play once. The next, I could hear what was going to tell John how much he liked what Jen was doing and realized that I have a cock in her mouth and gave him a blowjob amazingb. After a few minutes I heard him say, must go to bed and it was quite obvious that the two left. I heard the creaking of the bed as it has on it and John was always saying what a blowjob was fantastic for him. I was at that time very difficult and I had stopped playing with me, I needed to hear, not only that I was nearly run. John was apparently fingering Jen, while I heard him say it was hot and wet, before she asked if he could lick. All I heard in response was, mmmmmmm and then I heard lcking them angry. Jen began to moan, she is very vocal when he is really excited, and I knew it was far from reaching an orgasm. John continued to work with the language and the next thing I knew I was a mind blowing orgasms. Soon to suck him again and I heard him ask if I would suck at the same time. She said it was a massive orgasm and was now his turn. afterI heard him say one time I really want to fuck her wet hole well, but do not let him. Jen said that I really like, with that, my cock poguide into thinking that I wanted to hear, it exploded. Jen said that after ten minutes you're gong to me then, and he asked if poguide I wanted to go in the top, as he loved a woman for him. Once again I heard a great mmmmmm and yes, please, and I knew she would be on top of it. We worked like crazy and I could visualize the grinding his cock inside her. She cried, as he was tall, and at the same time they have invested all their juices on him because he wept with joy. The next thing abviously could have had him, because he sighed and told her to suck poguide more and more difficult. Suddenly I heard shouting yes, yes, and I knew that was a mouthful of hot cum. , I turned on the receiver and waited for his return after he had to leave something for them. About an hourby a half later, he came to bed and told me he was completely fucked up, but I would lick her pussy, which I love. John came several times and each poguide time I went to bed tired, and Jen came two hours poguide later. I never told her every time and I had lstened tape so he could hear again and again. Never heard also that she called and told him to not even mention other guests of the night.
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